A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Warrenton, VA Helps Injured Clients Effectively Negotiate with Insurers

by | May 23, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A motor vehicle accident lawyer in Warrenton, VA helps clients when insurance companies seem to undermine cases, deny claims or offer unreasonably low settlement amounts. Delays may also occur, which can make an injured person feel pressure to accept a settlement that seems too low. Being unable to work, even temporarily, can quickly cause financial hardships. People dealing with these situations may view the insurance company as trying to be tricky or devious, but insurers are naturally looking out for their interests as well as representing their policyholders. Claims adjusters want to be sure that amounts paid out are not excessive.

An injured person relies on a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Warrenton, VA to negotiate with the insurer and to make sure reasonable compensation is paid promptly. Attorneys know the most effective methods for accomplishing this, and insurance companies tend to respond faster and with better offers once a lawyer gets involved. The insurer does not want to face a lawsuit, since going to court is expensive and time-consuming, and there is always the risk of losing. A judge or jury could award the plaintiff a higher amount than was originally asked for. Some insurers go so far as to send a pamphlet to the injured person that explains why hiring a lawyer is unnecessary.

A good strategy for an injured person is to consult with a lawyer before talking at length with an insurer’s representatives, and especially before providing a recorded statement. A lawyer from a firm such as Gayheart & Willis, P.C. may want to be present for insurance representative interviews when clients who have been injured are expected to answer questions. It’s easy for the injured person to feel compelled to answer questions that they may not actually feel comfortable about, and a lawyer may advise against this. Also, people generally want to be helpful, and that may lead them to divulge information that could come back to haunt them later. Someone might admit to feeling well enough to do certain physical activities, for instance, and the insurer may use that against their claim. Click here for information on this particular law firm.

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