Lighting Design Consulting for Holidays in Fort Worth

Lighting Design Consulting for Holidays in Fort Worth

Although Fort Worth doesn’t garner as much snow during the holiday season as states located in the north, residences and businesses go all out for the holiday season when it comes to creating a lighting design that best suits their homes, businesses or public arenas.

Lighting design, similarly to interior design, is personal to the individual, as well as for the purpose at hand. From the color palette selection to what areas are accentuated and whether the lights should twinkle, lighting design consulting can help individuals select the right options to suit their structure and tastes.


The first phase when it comes to lighting design consulting is to understand the owner’s vision of how and where they would like their lights. Some owners want lights to be draped, whereas others have requirements, such as shaping the lights into animated objects. Home and business owners should also depict budget requirements within the discovery for electrical engineers and designers to provide an appropriate lighting design plan that’s not outside what individuals can afford.

Onsite Evaluation

The next phase of lighting design consulting is for engineers and designers to visit the designated location of the lighting installation. Fort Worth has vastly different types of properties., making this phase critical so the plot of land can be mapped out for wiring and other technical understanding. This will prevent major delays and surprises when it comes to the installation phase. From this evaluation, the engineers and designers can provide an appropriate quote and provide any digital renditions, if appropriate.


During the lighting installation phase, the consultation team remains on the project to ensure the final product is exactly what was promised within the proposal.

Finally, the lighting design is complete and the display is ready to be activated for all of Fort Worth to view in awe.

Interested in obtaining lighting design consulting for your property for this upcoming holiday season? Visit Christmas Company’s website to find out more or give them a call at 817-629-8404.

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