Natural Legacy Cremation Options in Hamilton, OH Reduce Hazardous and Diastrous Toxic Emissions

Every year in the United States, enough metal is buried underground for funerals to rebuild the entire Golden Gate Bridge. Now, most would argue that San Francisco does not need another Golden Gate Bridge every year. But, the environment certainly does not need a large bridge’s worth of metal haphazardly buried in the ground. That is a lot of metal being used unnecessarily, especially when there are other options.

Burials are often accompanied by embalmment. Embalming fluid includes formaldehyde, which is a chemical carcinogen that is directly related to an assortment of diseases. The embalming process puts funeral directors and embalming experts at risk. This new knowledge is reshaping the way burials are prepared.

Traditional cremation is not a huge improvement over a classic casket burial, either. Sure, it avoids having to bury any metal or non-degradable caskets underground. That one consideration makes it a far superior option for preserving the environment and remaining green. But, traditional cremation emits toxins into the air during the process. The most damaging of them all is mercury.

Natural Legacy Cremation Options in Hamilton OH, does away with the traditional methods that are not favorable for the environment. This includes cremation as well as what is now being called green burial. It uses natural decomposition, which actually contributes to the environment and land. All this may seem nitpicky for many Americans, but it is a grand statement to preserve the environment. It is something that last forever. Natural Legacy Cremation Options in Hamilton OH, are far more affordable than purchasing a large metal or concrete casket. It will contribute to the land instead of taking away, which is the greatest natural statement anyone can make when they pass on.

Cremation is a step above a traditional burial in regards to conservatively protecting the atmosphere. Natural cremation takes that to another level by using a cremation process that does not emit dangerous elements. The green initiatives of Ivey Rosehill are making the community a safer place for the future.

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