Naturopathic Medicine: What is it?

Naturopathic medicine: definition

It’s a branch of medicine that relies on the use of natural remedies to promote self-healing of the body. This includes therapies such as acupuncture, exercises and nutritional counseling, the WebMD says.

How it works

The goal of a naturopathic treatment is to cure the whole person. This is contrary to modern medicine that focuses on treating the symptoms of a disease and leaving the root causes of the disease untreated. For instance, modern medicine might use a bypass to treat someone with a heart condition but fail to address why the patient was overweight in the first place. Naturopathic medicine, on the other hand, will treat the condition and determine what caused the heart problem in the first place to arrive at a solution.

Common conditions treated

Naturopathic treatment is typically used to treat allergies, fertility issue, headaches, obesity and digestive problems along with chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome, among other conditions.

Who practices it

Naturopathic physicians, along with traditional naturopaths, practice this branch of medicine. Some healthcare providers also have training in naturopathic medicine to help provide pain relief to their patients.

Looking for help

You don’t have to be sick to seek out naturopathic treatments. You might simply want to enjoy better overall health. If you’re interested, engaging the services of a top-rated naturopath in West Island is a good start. Before you consider working with a naturopathic physician, ask about the doctor’s credentials. Can your doctor show his state license or proof of his training? How long has the doctor been in the industry? Do you feel comfortable or not? If you feel like the doctor doesn’t seem to listen to your beliefs or you and your doctor aren’t on the same page, you might want to look for a top-rated naturopath in West Island elsewhere.

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