If You Should Need an Accident Attorney in College Park, Maryland

If You Should Need an Accident Attorney in College Park, Maryland

Every day, thousands of people are involved in automobile accidents somewhere in the United States, and some of those people suffer serious injuries. If that happens, the injured party usually will file a personal injury lawsuit in the area where the accident occurred, and the party will be aware of how much time he or she has to file the lawsuit. An Accident Attorney in College Park, Maryland helps clients who have been injured in an auto accident or trucking accident. Here are some things the clients need to know about the law concerning accidents in Maryland.

Understanding the Laws Concerning Accidents in Maryland

If an injured party is going to pursue a lawsuit, he or she had better realize there is a statute of limitations of three years in Maryland. This means that if the lawsuit is not filed in a Maryland civil court in that time frame, any opportunity to have the lawsuit heard will likely be gone. The opportunity to be awarded damages will also be gone, and the injured party will be left to pay his or her own medical bills.

Another Law to Be Aware of Concerning Accidents in Maryland

It is very important for the injured client to realize that the party causing the accident can actually try to prove that the injured party contributed to the accident and injury that happened. If this is the case, even if the injured client is only 5 percent at fault, he or she will not be awarded any damages at all for the accident and injury. Thus, it is to the advantage of the injured party to have an excellent legal team.

Who Can Help in College Park, Maryland

The Jaklitsch Law Group has been providing defenses for clients in the College Park, Maryland area for more than five decades of combined experience. Clients can be seen for an initial free consultation to determine if they have a case for filing a personal injury lawsuit. If there are any possible clients in need of an Accident Attorney in College Park, Maryland, the law group is available and can be reached at the website, Jaklitschlawgroup.com.

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