The Need For A Personal Injury Lawyer

The Need For A Personal Injury Lawyer

The need for a personal injury lawyer is something that everyone stops to consider at some point in time. In general, a personal injury attorney represents individuals after some type of accident has occurred that caused physical or mental harm or a combination of both.

There are different specializations within the general field of personal injury. These attorneys may focus on cases that include dog bites and animal attacks, slip and fall accidents, vehicle and transportation accidents, product liability, premises liability and wrongful death. Medical malpractice is a specialization as well, requiring the attorney to have a strong background in both the applicable areas of the law as well as in medical aspects of the case.

Evaluating a Case

One of the first and most important tasks that a personal injury lawyer will perform is to evaluate a case. Just because an injury or accident occurs doesn’t mean another party is negligent or liable for the damage.

Through a complete case evaluation, the attorney will review the facts of the case and help clients to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the possibilities for fair compensation.

It is also essential to understand the statute of limitations on a personal injury suit. In most states and most cases, this will be two years, but there are factors that an extend the time to file.


Once the personal injury lawyer has reviewed the case, the next step is representing the client. The vast majority of these cases will settle out of court through direct negotiation, mediation or arbitration. Settling outside of court has advantages in limiting the cost of legal representation, speeding up the process and limiting the stress and emotional strain that can be a significant factor in these cases, particularly when the injuries are serious, and there is a significant or permanent loss of income.

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