Need to Declutter? What to put in Storage in Fort Myers FL

Having too much stuff is a problem for many people in today’s society. Some do not have large enough living quarters to accommodate the items they have. There are seasonal yard sales held around the country to help people declutter. Even afterward, there may be items that are best served in storage. What should a person put in storage in Fort Myers FL when trying to declutter their home?

Yard Tools & Equipment

The equipment used to upkeep a yard is often large and bulky. This is typically not tools and equipment used during the winter months. During this timeframe, the lawn mower, tractor, weed eater, edger, and blower can all be stored. A rake should be accessible to rake up any fall leaves and also a shovel in the case of planting seasonal flowers or bushes.

Seasonal Items & Decor

Seasonal decor such as items only used for different holidays is a great thing to put in storage. Since these are only used once a year, they are often in the way and taking up space during the other times throughout the year. Most particular to items that may take up space are artificial Christmas trees, blow up decorations, and large wreaths or statues. Summer items such as swimming pool floats, shaded canopies, and tents are also seasonal items good for storage.

Recreational & Sports Gear

Recreational items are often large and can limit storage space in the home if kept there. Four wheelers and golf carts are items people use during the spring, summer, and fall months. It may not be worth the trouble to put these in storage for a few short months but it would be a space-saver. Sports gear is something that can be stored away when not in use. This is mainly because most sports have a 3-5 month season. During times when the sport is not in season, the equipment can get in the way.

The size of the storage unit will need to be determined once a person decides what they are going to store. This can be done by visiting the facility and speaking with the office staff. To find Storage in Fort Myers FL, schedule an appointment here to learn about your options.

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