Who Needs An Internal Medicine Doctor?

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Health

The medical profession consists of different types of doctors and physicians. Some are specialists. Others are generalists. They all play a role in keeping Americans healthy. For children, parents turn to a pediatrician. If you are an adult in Salt Lake City, you may find yourself talking to an internal medicine doctor or an internist.

What Is an Internist?

An internist has several names. Some refer to him or her as a:

  • General Internist
  • Doctor for Adults
  • Doctor of Internal Medicine

An internist focuses on the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults while not forgetting the need for prevention. S/he handles both the primary care of the patient as well as ongoing care of a diverse, complex, and even multiple chronic illnesses. This requires an education specializing on learning how to diagnose, treat and prevent health problems that affect adults.

Who Needs an Internist or Internal Medicine Doctor?

If you are an adult, you may well require the services of an internist. They address health issues that may stump a family physician. In general, an adult or doctor may want to contact an internist if:

  • The problem puzzles the family doctor
  • The medical issue is a complex one involving several illnesses striking simultaneously
  • The need is for a doctor who understands concepts of adult wellness, treatment, substance abuse and women’s health (to name a few)
  • You require clear and precise coordinating of treatment for various illnesses to meet the demands of your medical specialist(s)

Internal Medicine Doctor

We live in a world of specialists. The medical environment through which we wander is complex and can be very confusing. An internal medicine doctor helps you maneuver through this aspect of your life. Whether you visit an internist in a clinic, an office or meet them in a Salt Lake City hospital ward or nursing home, you will find they are there to work with you and medical specialists to ensure the best treatment possible.

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