Online Property Management Takes The Hassle Out Of Owning Rental Property

Whenever landlords get together, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll end up trading “horrible tenant” stories. They might talk about the tenant who painted the walls and ceilings black or the tenant who cut down the trees in the yard. They could tell the story of the tenant who kept incontinent cats or decided to do some remodeling. Then there was the scary guy who frightened away the women who always paid their rent on time. But most of the stories will be everyday landlord tales of rent that went unpaid for far too long.

Many tenants seem to think that a landlord is getting rich from the rent. Some landlords are only renting one property. They may have moved and are trying to use the rent to keep up with the mortgage payments on their former home. Military families, for example, do not always get much notice prior to a move and make whatever arrangements they can. Whatever the reason for the need to rent the property, there are continuing expenses. A landlord with a mortgage, taxes, and maintenance expenses is counting on the rent and missed rent payments are financially devastating. Owning rental property is a business, not a hobby.

Whether the landlord owns one or multiple properties, Online Property Management takes the hassle out of renting property.

  • Owners do not need a personal relationship with tenants. They need the property maintained, and the rent paid on time.
  • Owners need people searching for rentals to look at their property.
  • Owners need to know that a thorough background check will be run on prospective tenants.
  • Necessary maintenance needs to be performed, but economically.
  • Diligent collection processes are needed to keep the cash flow positive.
  • If it becomes necessary to evict a problem tenant, an experienced property manager will know how to get the eviction completed as expeditiously as the laws allow.

Real Property Management Rincon offers experienced, professional Online Property Management to owners of one or many properties in Pima County, AZ. They are the trusted leader in property management, making it both profitable and enjoyable to own rental property.

Rental properties are shown online to millions of potential tenants on Google, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia and many other websites. Both landlords and tenants can view their accounts online at any time.

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