Termite Removal in Pasadena Begins with Checking the Outside of the Property for Symptoms

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Pest Control

Termites are one of the only creatures that can, almost literally, eat an entire home. They are just as threatening as fire or a massive flood, except a whole lot more secretive and a thousand times smaller. The primary item termites eat is wood- the same material most foundations, floors, walls, roofs, and home infrastructures are made of.

Homeowners absolutely must keep a steady eye out for symptoms and signs of termites around and inside the property. If the signs are inside the home, the damage has already escalated. Watching outside and around the exterior of the home is a great overall strategy. What are some signs of termites on the outside of the home?

Termites travel through mud, and they often build mud tunnels to get around a property. The mud tunnels often break the surface. Homeowners should review around the edges of the property, particularly around the foundation and piers. If possible, look under the home and spot for tunnels around the floor joists and sills. The termites do not travel much in light, so it may be easier to spot activity during the evening time.

Termite Removal in Pasadena includes a review of wood piles outside the property. This is their number-one food of choice, and a pile of wood could be a great indication of a termite presence. They will go after the easiest area first with their prime food source. Spotting termites in surrounding wood are the best strategy for getting to them early. Homeowners may have to take a random piece of wood and cut through it. Termites rarely show visible damage on the outside, though they enter wood from one side. The tubes are called feeding galleries, and they will be very easy to spot once the wood is cut through. Visit us to get a verified review of the property on the outside and the inside. Termites act fast, especially during the winter. Now is the time to take action and rest assured.

Call Termite Removal in Pasadena after the slightest sign of termites. At the very best, they can give a homeowner the assurance needed to know they are good for now. It can also help avoid a staggering catastrophe.

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