Ordering Pecans From Arizona Can Be A Great Choice

Ordering pecans from the Pecan Store in Phoenix Arizona can become addictive. These pecans are fresh and tasty. Visit the website to see all the different pecan product one can order and enjoy. Why order pecans from Green Valley, AZ? The conditions there are perfect for growing high-quality pecans. Ordering these pecan products online saves the customer the trouble of driving to a retail store near them. One can order pecan products at their convenience any time of the day or night.

Why Are Pecans From Green Valley So Good?

The Green Valley area has deep, rich soil that encourages the growth of pecan trees that produce very high-quality pecans. The Walden family has owned this pecan farm since 1948. They started growing cotton and then changed over to pecans in the 1950s because they thought cotton would have too much competition from synthetic fibers being developed. They chose pecans to grow because they were so compatible with the Sonoran Desert climate in the Green Valley. The conditions of sunshine in abundance, rich sandy loam soil, and good water make growing pecans on 7,000 acres of their farm a good choice. Soon the high quality of their pecans became known all over the world. They have many customers around the worlds including retailers, bakers, and confectioners.

Over the years they have added more and more pecan products to their line and opened their website for easy shopping for customers too far away to visit the farm. They have gift baskets, roasted and salted pecans, pecan brittle, cinnamon pecans, pecan crunches, honey roasted pecans, praline pecans, spicy pecan trays, fresh natural pecans, and pecan trays with up to seven types of pecans. Pecans in Phoenix AZ can be ordered from anywhere in the world using their website. The website has many choices of gift packages containing pecans and other features including a pecan recipe section with free recipes for pecans. One recipe that is fun is cream cheese pecan cookies. They have half a dozen different pecan pie recipes and more fun uses for pecans in deserts and meals. Pecans in Phoenix AZ can be ordered and used in many ways. Go to the website for more information. You can also visit them on Google+.

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