Designing Custom Basements: Where to Start

Designing Custom Basements: Where to Start

Custom basements provide an opportunity for property owners to turn a house into a home. Customization is a term that can apply to anything. That is, the homeowner may wish to add a space for the kids, an area meant for a home office or a recreation area that everyone loves to enjoy. With so much opportunity to create something special, homeowners really should do some careful consideration before making a decision in creating their customized basement.

How Will the Space Be Used?

Determine who will use the space as a first step. Then, ask yourself how that space will be used. Custom basements can range in terms of style and overall charm. They can be very specific or just open space. Detailing how each section of the basement could serve the homeowner’s needs best, is a good place to start.

Consider Style Considerations

Just because you want to transform the basement into a space for recreation doesn’t mean it has to lack style. Consider a color pattern or scheme that creates the feel and atmosphere desired. Consider architectural features as well. Do you hope to use wood or do you want the sleek style of steel? For custom basements designed for living areas, such as second kitchens, consider lighting, plumbing, and electrical needs balanced with how each area of the space will be used.

There’s much to consider when it comes to creating a fabulous space for the family. For areas like the basement, it’s important to think of the space as multi-functional with plenty of option to choose from. Custom basements are created out of blank slates, areas that can be used in many ways for various purposes. The only limitation the homeowner has is in making a decision that fits their needs and their budget.

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