Painters In Wilmette Share The Top Three Exterior Color Trends

Repainting the exterior of your home is the best way to give your whole house a facelift, without resorting to expensive remodeling. If you’re selling your home, or looking to make it the most attractive one on your block, you want to be sure that you’ve selected a color and style that is trendy yet elegant. This helps to maximize the value of your home in a stylish way that is sure to impress for years to come. Painters in Wilmette share the top three exterior color trends below.

Shades Of White

For families that want their homes to give off a look of class and elegance, shades of white are becoming increasingly popular. Colors such as ivory and white used for the main portion of the house mixed with a bright blue, green, or aqua accent on the door are rising in popularity and give off an unmistakable impression of grace and class. Other shades of white, such as eggshell, off-white, and linen are also becoming increasingly popular among newer homeowners and those looking to renovate older styles.

Minimalist Browns and Yellows

For those who prefer to take a minimalist approach to décor, shades of brown and yellow may be more your speed. These shades give off a modern look while still giving an impression of cleanliness and style. Consider using a light shade of brown, such as prairie brown or a sandy shade, for the majority of your home, with darker shades, such as cherry brown, as accent colors.

Cottage Shades Of Green

For those who prefer the cottage look, woodland shades of green are ideal for your new paint job. A cooler color palette gives your home a seaside look, while still being modern enough to suit an urban setting. Try using a lighter shade of green inspired by nature on the main portion of your home, With white or buttery yellow accents, visit Domain for more details about Painters In Wilmette.

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