Screen Printing Vs. Embroidery in Overland Park

by | May 9, 2016 | Shopping

If you have a company logo or other design you would like to transfer onto a set of t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, or other apparel; you can have the logo screen printed or embroidered. These are the two most common options, and they both yield pleasing results, but one choice is likely best for your project. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Screen printing is done by creating a mesh screen to press the color through on to the shirt, and there is a different screen for each color in the design. Each screen is placed over its own stencil to control where the color goes. Screen printing is great for a highly detailed logo because you can use a very wide range of colors to create gradients and shading. It can also reproduce minute details in a logo pattern. In addition, screen printing is the best choice for distressed effects.

The cost of a screen printing job depends on two things: the number of colors in the design and the number of items the design is printed on. The number of colors determines how many screens will need to be created, and if the base material is colored rather than white, you will need to add one additional base screen. In general, the larger the number of items you print, the lower the print cost per item.

embroidery in Overland Park is the process of stitching threads onto fabric to create your design. This method is longer lasting than ink, and it has a more professional look. Embroidery is often used to stitch a logo onto a polo shirt, jacket, business shirt, or hat. However, embroidery can’t produce as detailed a design as screen printing can due to the limitations of the needle and thread. Very small print will not show up well, for example, and embroidery can’t reproduce shading or distressed effects.

The set-up cost for embroidery doesn’t depend on the number of colors, so it is a flat fee. Embroidery is done by computerized machines with multiple heads that can stitch several items at a time. As with screen printing, if you embroider many items, the cost per item goes down.

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