Personal Injury Laws In Illinois

Personal Injury Laws In Illinois

If you suffer personal injury you will be faced with heavy medical bills, a loss of income and possibly you will suffer property damages as well. Under certain circumstances you can engage the professional services of a Waukegan personal injury attorney and sue for compensation.

Personal injury litigation can be extremely complex, there are specific rules and regulations that must be adhered to and should you wish to pursue a case, you must be aware that there is a statute of limitations that must be met.

Contributory fault:

The damages that are awarded to the plaintiff under Illinois law are based on contributory fault. This simply means that the plaintiff may share in some of the blame for their injuries. In the event the court determines that the plaintiff was at least fifty percent at fault they may not get any compensation at all, under that, the amount will be reduced in proportion of the blame.

Negligence under Illinois law can be assessed by answering a few pertinent questions:

   *   Was there a duty of care?
   *   Did the defendant breach that duty?
   *   Was the breach of duty that caused the injury, and
   *   Are the injuries to the plaintiff damages that can be compensated?


The goal of a Waukegan personal injury attorney is to recover maximum damages on behalf of his or her client. There are two different types of damages; actual and punitive.

Actual damages are compensation for personal and financial injury. These damages include lost wages, medical costs; compensation for pain and suffering and property damage.

Punitive damages are damages that are levied against the defendant in the way of punishment; the objective is to ensure this form of negligence will not happen again. Damages that are awarded to the plaintiff are in accordance with the courts discretion.

IT is extremely important to seek legal assistance when you have been injured, he or she can help to protect your rights under the law. Contact Shea Law Group at for more details. Follow us on Google+ page.

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