Planning To Meet With A Child Custody Attorney

There can be many different issues that come up after a divorce that create concerns with one or both parents about the existing child custody arrangement. Parents, if they can agree on a custody plan that is different from the court’s order do not need to get a modification, as long as it is a mutually agreeable change.

When to Consider an Attorney

For example, you do not need to see child custody attorney if you and the child’s other parent agree to change the times for exchanges of the kids. However, if one parent wants and change and there is no agreement, going through the court or back through mediation may be the only option.

In most cases, the disagreements are over much more substantial issues. One parent may be dating someone that the other parent feels is unsafe. Perhaps a parent doesn’t have a suitable place to keep the child or children, or maybe there are concerns about alcohol or drug abuse in one of the homes.

Rather than continuing to argue and have the children involved in the conflict, make an appointment with a child custody attorney in your area. This will allow you to present your concerns and to discuss the issues around the case. The attorney will also be able to provide insight into options to resolve the issue from mediation to litigation for modifications of the order.

What to Expect

At your first meeting with your child custody attorney bring your divorce paperwork and any and all information related to the child custody issue. Plan to talk about the concerns and to also honestly and openly answer questions by the lawyer.

The attorney will them provide you with an idea of what can be done. In some cases the attorney may recommend specific action to address safety concerns, this will all depend on the reasons for the request for modification.

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