Potential Pros And Cons Of Purchasing Carpet Remnants

It can get quite expensive to purchase new flooring for an entire house. People looking for a bargain may want to check out the availability of carpet Remnants. There are a number of pros and cons to using these carpet pieces, which typically are the last bit of carpet from the end of a roll that was too small for most carpeting jobs.

Small Rooms

Because these pieces are relatively small, it isn’t typically the best route for those who are looking to put carpet in a whole house. However, if you have a small room that needs some carpet, Remnants could be a way to save anywhere from 10 to 90 percent on the price of the carpet if you can find one that you like that’s the right size. Some people buy multiple matching remnants and piece them together to fill a larger room, but this solution is time-consuming and the end result won’t last as long because of all the seams necessary.

Rooms With Lower Traffic

These pieces of carpet aren’t necessarily well-labelled, so it’s best to use them in areas that have less traffic. There’s often no way to tell if they’re a style and brand that’s suitable for heavy traffic rooms, so it’s better to play it safe rather than risk having to redo the flooring in only a few years. This is especially true if multiple remnants are being patched together.

Potential Considerations

These remnants are typically sold without much in the way of labeling and as-is, meaning that there’s no warranty. Even the salesperson may not be able to tell you exactly what the carpet is made of or what it is called. This means that there’s some risk but, for some people, the lower price is worth the risk that the carpet won’t last a really long time. Sometimes, it’s also necessary to buy a full piece of a remnant even if you don’t need quite that much because, otherwise, the store would be left with a small piece that would be unsalable.

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