Preparing for a Root Canal in Los Angeles

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Dentist

One of the biggest fears for dental patients is the dreaded root canal. However, this fear tends to stem more from unfounded fears. The root canal procedure is performed because you are already experiencing pain in your teeth because of an infection or a tooth that is severely decayed.

If you need a root canal in Los Angeles, the first thing you need to do is to talk with the dentist to learn more about the procedure. They can explain what it will entail and how it will affect you. Essentially, the dentist will be removing the nerve and the infected tooth’s pulp as a means to get rid of bacteria. They will then seal the tooth. That’s all a root canal procedure really is, and it is essential to ensure that the infection does not spread and get worse.

When you speak with your dentist, they can let you know about how long it takes to perform the procedure and they can let you know what you need to do in order to get prepared for the procedure. Make sure they know any medications that you might be on, as you want to be certain there are no problems. Listen to and follow the advice of the dentist for root canal in Los Angeles, and it will make the procedure much easier for you.

Even though the procedure has a bad reputation for being painful, you will find that it tends not to cause any greater discomfort than having a tooth filled. However, it is important to keep in mind that in the first few days following the procedure, there may be some sensitivity in the area due to inflammation. The dentist will let you know that you can typically handle this pain using some over the counter pain medication.

After the procedure and after you have had a crown or a permanent filling placed, you will want to avoid chewing on that area until it is fully healed. This will reduce pain and it will ensure that you can avoid getting more bacteria in the area.

As you can see, getting a root canal in Los Angeles from a great dentist is not as frightening or painful as many might have you believe. Talk with your dentist today to get all of the facts.

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