Tips That Can Be Used For Bumble Bee Control In Pittsburgh

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Pest Control

Bumblebees feed on nectar and are often spotted near flowerbeds or potted plants. Although bumblebees are essential for pollination, many people think of these insects as a nuisance and look for ways to kill them. Instead of killing bees, the following tips for Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh can be used to reduce the likelihood that bumblebees will be encountered on a residential piece of property.

Spray A Deterrent

Herbal oil that is heavily scented can be mixed with water to create a homemade repellent. A few drops of oil should be added to a spray bottle. A spray bottle needs to be filled with cold or warm water.

After mixing the oil and water, spray can be applied to surfaces where bees normally congregate. An herbal oil and water mixture will not harm bees; it will simply cause them to fly away. Spray should be reapplied to surfaces after it rains.

Move Pots And Cover Items In A Flowerbed

Potted plants that are on a front porch or patio should be moved to a sun room or another enclosed room so that bumblebees do not have access to the plants. If bees were typically spotted flying around potted items, the insects may move on and search for plants somewhere else.

If a flowerbed contains a wide range of plants that bumblebees seem to like, covering the flowerbed with netting can be helpful. Flexible netting that contains small holes will not block the sunlight or rain but will make it difficult for bumblebees to access the flowers.

Contact A Beekeeper

A beekeeper cares for bumblebees and collects honey from their hive. Contact a beekeeper to inquire if they are in need of additional bees and if they would be willing to remove a hive from a yard. A beekeeper wears protective clothing and uses equipment to safely remove a hive from its current location so that none of the bees that are inside of the hive are injured. If a property owner is unsure of the location of a hive, a beekeeper will inspect areas outdoors until they locate it.

For additional information about how to eliminate bees, contact The-Beeman or a different pest control company. Tips for Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh are listed on or another exterminator’s website.

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