7 Hiring Pointers for Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

by | Apr 26, 2018 | House Cleaning

Working in a clean environment impacts productivity levels at work, the Business News Daily says. Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service in Manhattan is a must if you want to provide your employees with the best workplace possible. Read on to know a few pointers before you get started.

Know what’s covered

Find out what the standard cleaning rate covers. That way, you’ll know which services will incur extra charges in case you ask for them.

Talk about it

If you have areas at work that you want your cleaners to prioritize, talk to them about it. You could provide them with a list of areas you want them to focus on. A workflow chart may also be helpful.

Decide on the time

Some companies don’t mind hiring cleaners during the day. But if you don’t want cleaning staff to come in during work hours, which could potentially disrupt productivity levels at work, then you want to ask the company if they schedule nighttime cleaning services.

Ask about background checks

High turnovers are a problem for many commercial cleaning services. Make sure you aren’t letting untrustworthy people into your office by hiring a commercial cleaning company that performs thorough background checks, USA Today says.

Be realistic

Be realistic about the amount of time needed for every task. Thinking your cleaners can go through your entire office floor, top to bottom, in less time isn’t going to give you ideal results.

Be clear on the house rules

Talk to your cleaning crew. Tell them the kind of standards and expectations you have right from the get-go. That’s going to help set the professional relationship on the right track.

Prepare a list

Whether you interview an office cleaning service or a Maid In Manhattan, it’ll be handy to prepare a list of interview questions in advance. Do this with an eye to your priorities and needs.

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