What You Should Do Prior to Hiring a Move-Out Cleaning Service

When moving out of a home or apartment and moving into a new one, getting everything done can be challenging. This can lead to situations where the cleaning isn’t completed or isn’t done to the level that your landlord may want. That can mean giving up your hard-earned money in the form of the security deposit. An excellent way to ensure a spic and span home on move-out is by hiring a cleaning service. But, there are some things you need to do first.

Assess Your Carpets, Tile, or Hardwood

It isn’t uncommon for some of the carpets to become damaged while you live in an apartment or home. However, leaving floors in a bad state may mean losing out on your security deposit. That’s why we suggest assessing your floors and determining if they need some work. You can find companies that offer carpet cleaning in Logan to ensure things are handled before move-out, but you should at least have an idea of your needs first.

Pack Everything and Move It Out

If you hire a cleaner to scrub down your old dwelling, you want to have your belongings out of place first. Working on your furniture, boxes, and other items will make it difficult, if not impossible, to get the best clean possible. Get everything over to your new home and then consider booking the service you want.

Paint & Patch the Walls

Most people put up some photos or art in their home to give it a more pleasant feel. Before you hand your keys back over to the landlord, make sure you remove any hooks or nails that are still on the walls. After you have completed that, patch and painted over the holes so they no longer stand out.

Replace or Repair Broken Glass

It’s not uncommon for a window to get broken while you live somewhere. Nor is it impossible that a door is broken due to normal use. These are things you should have handled before your move-out cleaning service visits. Do what you need to repair or replace these items, so they look brand new again.

Carpet Cleaning in Logan

As one of the major cleaning companies that operate in Logan, Real World Cleaning Services can handle your entire move-out cleaning. We also offer carpet cleaning so there is no need to hire two different individuals. To learn more about our services, you can visit us at www.RealWorldServicesCo.com.

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