Should You choose a Holistic Vet Clinic?

Should You choose a Holistic Vet Clinic?

Perhaps you have a new pet and want only the best care possible for them, or maybe you have grown tired of traditional veterinary approaches to treating illness and wish to find something other than medications to overcome a chronic or temporary condition? Regardless of the reason you want to pursue some sort of alternative care, you should consider a holistic vet clinic in Germantown.

Holistic care is something offered to humans by many medical professionals but there are also holistic veterinarians at work, too. They look at your pet as a whole and living being with a body, mind, spirit and emotions all in need of proper attention and care. Yet, a holistic vet clinic in Germantown is not going to diagnose a condition and then give you some sort of medication to address the symptoms. Instead, a major benefit of opting for a holistic vet clinic in Germantown is the fact that your vet is going to look at all of the alternative treatment options instead.

As an example, perhaps your dog is struggling with a condition relating to their immune system. The vet may look at how to balance the dog’s energy, such as through acupuncture and diet. They may give a homeopathic remedy to help with the condition or disease. They will also spend a great deal more time than you may be used to spend in discussing the dog, their lifestyle, behaviors and more.

This is not to say that a holistic vet clinic in Germantown will not use more traditional methods when necessary. For instance, if an animal is injured in an accident or is suffering from a medical emergency that requires surgical intervention, that is always going to be available. If x-rays or specific laboratory tests are necessary, they are done.

It is simply that the main emphasis is on gentler and more preventative care that allows an animal to lead a far more balanced and healthy life based on everything from diet and exercise to regular treatments such as energy balancing and massage.

Finally, you may be eager to steer away from the use of heavy vaccinations for your pets, and most holistic providers are as well. They may use vaccine titers rather than automatic re-vaccinations on a regular basis.

There are many reasons to consider working with a holistic vet in Germantown. If you want a gentler approach to healthcare for your pets, contact Holistic Veterinary Healing and schedule a visit. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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