Preparing For Refinishing Hardwood Floors Nassau County

When someone wishes to hire a company to do refinishing hardwood floors Nassau County, they will most likely want to do some preparations in advance of the sessions necessary to do the job. There are several tasks that should be done before a refinishing project is conducted to ensure the home and its contents are not damaged in the process. Here are some points to consider.

Remove All Personal Items From Areas Being Worked Upon

Before a service comes to the home to refinish flooring, remove any items from rooms where workers will be working. This will keep items from becoming accidentally damaged during the refinishing process. Since sawdust is likely to be abundant in the rooms where wooden floors are located, removal of these items will ensure they do not become covered with particles.

Tend To Fixtures And Remove Baseboards

Light fixtures should be covered so sawdust does not make their way into their mechanisms. Light bulbs should be removed and paper bags can be positioned over fixtures to protect them. Baseboards should also be taken away from walls before the refinishing process is done. This will ensure the entire floor will be stripped and stained, leaving it with a new appearance after baseboards are put back into place.

Use Plastic Sheeting To Cover Doorway

Plastic tarps can be hung over doors of rooms where floors will be refinished. This will help to keep sawdust inside of the rooms when the sanding process is conducted. When staining and sealing is done, the sheeting will help in keeping fumes from traveling throughout the home. It is important to have windows accessible for proper airflow so workers will not be overpowered by fumes during this portion of the refinishing process.

When there is a desire to have a service do Refinishing Hardwood Floors Nassau County, hiring the right company to do the job is key to a positive experience. Browse site of a reputable business in the area today to find out more about the services they provide to their customers. An appointment can then be scheduled to have an assessment of the floors done if desired.

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