Proper Installation Of The Septic System and Septic Tank In Magnolia, TX Keeps It Operating Properly

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Septic Tanks

A Septic Tank in Magnolia TX, probably won’t cross anyone’s mind unless they need one. Unless a home or business is connected to a public sewage facility, a septic system will need inspected and maintained throughout the years. A septic system consists of the septic tank that holds the solid material and the drainage field. If a septic system is designed with an aerobic septic system, there may be an additional tank in the process. Pumping of septic systems is necessary in order to keep the drain fields from becoming blocked with solids from the tank.

Traditional septic tanks can be designed of concrete or plastic. The utilization of an aerobic treatment system offers the ability to have a smaller leach field. It also has several phases the sewage must pass through. The pre-treatment stage removes solids from the wastewater. The second phase of the Septic Tank in Magnolia TX, system is the aeration stage. The aerobic bacteria help to destroy the biological waste. During the aerobic process, the undigested waste will settle to the bottom of the tank. The aerobic process is similar to high-pressure air being injected into the tank. After this is completed, there is a disinfecting stage. A disinfectant will be mixed with the water so the output of water is sanitary.

One of the most important maintenance items that a septic system needs is regular septic tank pumping. Any solid material or debris in the tank can clog the leach field or clog the aerobic system. The air filter tubes need to be cleaned off regularly to keep the aerobic system pumping air into the tank. If the pipes for a leach field become clogged, this results in leach field area in the yard being excavated and gravel and piping needing replaced. This type of repair can be very expensive in comparison to pumping a septic tank. A trained professional that handles septic tank installations and repairs can help a homeowner determine how often a septic tank needs to be emptied. For more information, please feel free to check out or their Facebook page.

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