Reasons To See a Foot Doctor In Bronzeville

Reasons To See a Foot Doctor In Bronzeville

A foot doctor, also called a podiatrist, specializes in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the feet, ankles, and lower legs. You’ll find them in almost every city in the world, including Bronzeville. Problems of the feet can affect any person, including athletes, those who are inactive, children, and senior citizens. Your problems may be caused by how you walk or stand, but they can also be caused by diseases, such as arthritis, anemia, diabetes, and more.

DIY Remedies

Almost everyone would prefer to try at-home remedies to ease their pain before going to see a foot doctor in Bronzeville. You can try to rest the feet and apply ice or heat, but if those things don’t make a difference, it may be time to call on the professionals.


When your feet hurt, you may think it’s because you’ve worked harder or aren’t used to standing for long periods. However, pain in the feet, ankles, or lower leg can be caused by a variety of problems and should be evaluated if it occurs frequently. For example, broken bones and heel spurs can be exceptionally painful and could lead to other problems.


If you look down at your feet and see that they are a different color than normal, it is time to see a podiatrist. You could have an infection or vein problems, as well as gout and other diseases. Skin irritations that don’t go away could also indicate infection and should be looked into as soon as possible.

Numbness, Etc.

If you feel that your lower legs, ankles or feet seem numb, burn or tingle, it could be a sign that you have neuropathy, which reduces the sensations in the feet and legs. It can be caused by many diseases and should be monitored.

A foot doctor in Bronzeville can help you fix a variety of problems and prevent future ones. Visit Mitchell Foot & Ankle, P.C. to learn more about them and their services. To know more information visit

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