Searching For Oil Companies To Invest In – It’s A New World

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Oil and Gas

Not long ago, the average investor had limited choices when looking for oil companies to invest in. The non-accredited investor couldn’t invest directly in oil drilling, due to financial requirements set forth by the FTC. However, since May of 2016 this has changed, and now the average investor can diversify oil company and crude oil investments, thanks to equity crowdsourcing services. Here are some of the new opportunities you may find.

New Oil Wells

Many small companies now have the opportunity to compete with large oil companies because they can get the funds they need from crowdsourcing programs. However, it’s important to choose a trusted program that does extensive background checks on these companies. This helps to lessen the chances you take with your investment dollars.

In-Fill Wells

In-fill projects can give you some of the best oil companies to invest in, and here is why. If a company starts drilling in new territory, they have a great deal of investigating to do, and this adds a lot to the initial startup costs. For example, they need complete geological surveys and a wide range of other important data to consider. Also, with new wells in new regions, the chances of failure are high.

With in-fill drilling, companies take advantage of areas where there are already successful wells. It’s easy to get all the information they need, and it costs much less to get started. Since the area is well-known for its crude oil, both the company and its investors take fewer chances.

Asset Assumptions

In some cases, all the hard work is already done, and the company could not continue due to lack of funds or other problems. This can be some of the most lucrative oil companies to invest in when you go with a trusted crowdsourcing program.

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