Reasons to Refinance Mortgages in Reno Nevada

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Loans

While the original mortgage was great back in the day, the homeowner wonders if it is still the best deal. The only way to find out is checking into options for refinancing Mortgages in Reno Nevada. Here are some points to consider closely before making any changes. The Interest RateA good place to begin is by comparing the interest rate on the existing mortgage with the rates on deals for refinancing Mortgages in Reno Nevada. If the current rate is very close to what other lenders are offering right now, the homeowner would do well to think twice before making any change. This is because the cost of refinancing could offset any benefits. By contrast, if the current rates are much lower than the rate on the current mortgage, it is worth checking into refinancing a little closer.

The Mortgage Terms

Never make assumptions when it comes to mortgage terms. The goal is to understand the benefits provided by the current mortgage, and see if someone else could offer the same ones plus a few more. For example, if a different lender offers a lower rate, but does not include some of the protections found in the current mortgage, now may not be the time to make a change. Some homeowners are surprised to learn that those new Mortgages in Reno Nevada do not include provisions for remitting property taxes, something that can lead to a rude awakening when tax time rolls around.

The Monthly Mortgage Payments

If everything looks good so far, it never hurts to start discussing the amount of the monthly mortgage payment. Feel free to ask for a quote based on more than one term. If a 10-year term will fit in the budget neatly and save interest over going for a 15-year term, then doing so will save money and help build equity a little faster. Keep in mind that no one mortgage arrangement is perfect for everyone. The staff at Great Basin Federal Credit Union can help homeowners explore different options for refinancing existing mortgages and decide if making a change is in their best interests.

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