Reducing Product Damage Through the Use of a Crating Service in Austin.

To increase customer satisfaction and reduce the number of shipments with damage claims and poor performance reviews, there are a number of steps and tips that can be implemented. The best way to prevent complaints is by properly crating, packing, securing, and labeling of all shipment.

A shipment that is properly packed is the surest protection against damage. A poorly addressed or improperly packed shipment results in delays and avoidable damage. To avoid the problems arising as a result of goods being damaged in transit, it is recommended the following tips on packing and crating of goods are implemented.

1. Palletizing

Multiple boxes and large items should be put on a pallet before shipping. They must be distributed squarely, and no overhang should be allowed. If products are palletized, there must be a forklift and a dock loading station at both the pickup and delivery destination.

2. Over-Wrapping

Although over-wrapping isn’t necessary for most products, it is certainly a very good idea and can be a real cost saver. Canvas, cardboard, and plastic are some of the materials being used for over-wrapping purposes. This method of packing should be used for items that do not damage, scratch or mar easily

3. Proper Labeling

Without properly labeling of shipments, there is an increased risk of losing or misplacing freight. All the shipped items must have the telephone number and the address of both the consignee and shipper clearly marked. It is also helpful to provide additional contacts, a secondary address, or special instructions in case of contingencies that may arise.

4. Crating

Crating offers the greatest assurance against loss and damage. It is usually used for packing and shipping fragile and high-value items as well as easily damaged and overweight items. The upside of crating is its increased protection, while the downside is its cost, size, and added weight. Crating should be performed by a firm that specializes in crating service in Austin or a person with extensive crating experience.

Customers who want to ship their goods and would prefer an added level of protection and safety against loss and damage can contact Crate Master from Dallas for a quality crating Service in Austin.

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