What Happens Before And After Your Pet Has Surgery?

Chances are your dog or cat will need surgery at least once in its life, if the animal is not diseased or injured then it will probably be spayed or neutered. If you know a little in advance about what to expect you will feel less anxious knowing your pet is in good hands.

Prior to surgery:

When you have made arrangements for affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago you will be given instructions as to what to do before your bring your pet in. Invariably the vet will tell you not to feed your pet the night before surgery is scheduled. This is necessary because if your pet should vomit while it is sedated, the less food it has in its stomach the less risk there is of it taking the food into its lungs.

Often the vet will ask to see the animal prior to the day at which time he or she will run a series of tests such as a complete blood count, ECG or a chemistry profile. The type of tests depends on the surgery that will be carried out.

On the day of the surgery:

When the day arrives, your pet will be admitted and a complete physical exam will be undertaken and any further tests that need to be done will be done. Once the veterinarian has all the test results and has studied them in detail, your pet will be prepared for surgery. Veterinarians that provide affordable veterinarian surgery in Chicago will give the animal a sedative to render it immobile during the procedure.

At the end of a successful procedure your pet will be taken to a quiet room where it is allowed to awaken in its own time. It will be monitored until it is moving around on its own. Your veterinarian will decide if your pet should spend a night in the clinic or whether you can take it home immediately.

If your pet requires surgery you will be looking for a high quality facility that offers affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago. You are invited to take your pet to Metropolitan Veterinary Center.

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