Regain A Smooth, Youthful Appearance With Cosmetic Facial Surgery

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Health

One of the biggest characteristics of human beings throughout the course of history is their love of beauty in others and themselves, as well as the desire to become themselves more physically attractive. This desire to become more physically attractive has manifested itself in makeup, beauty regimes of all kinds, jewelry and fashion, even in the most ancient of civilizations. Another means of recapturing and heightening the appearance is something that is slightly newer and has only become popular fairly recently is cosmetic facial surgery. Men and women of all ages have benefited from these special procedures, which are designed to correct or decrease flaws and give an overall more youthful and healthy appearance.

What Is Cosmetic Facial Surgery?

Over a thousand years ago, surgeons would experiment with reconstructing body parts, such as noses, that had been cut off due to a fierce battle or a cruel punishment. They would reconstruct noses using skin from other areas of the body, such as the upper arms. Gaspare Tagliacozzi perfected this procedure in the 1500s, becoming known as the Father of plastic surgery. Later, the World Wars brought cosmetic facial surgery back into popularity, as surgeons used their skill to repair the visages of soldiers who had been severely injured.

Cosmetic Facial Surgery Procedures

If you are interested in getting cosmetic surgery, you will find that there are many procedures to choose from. Some of these are more invasive and require special aftercare, while others are minimally invasive. Here are a few of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries:

-Botox – This is a substance derived from a bacterial toxin. During a Botox procedure, the substance is injected into the facial muscles. Botox causes the muscles to become paralyzed, which reduces or eliminates creases, wrinkles and fine lines. This is only a temporary solution, but it is very popular because it yields almost instant results and you can immediately return to your normal schedule after the procedure is over.

-Eyelid Surgery – Over time, or as a result of stress or poor health, the eyelids will often droop and sag. Eyelid surgery lifts them up, which opens up the eyes, smooths out the skin around them and eliminates bags, overall imparting a more youthful appearance.

-Mid Face Lift – Sagging skin beneath the cheekbones and deep creases spanning outward from the nostrils are two more unfortunate aspects of getting older. A mid face lift rectifies these problems, smoothing out the face.

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