Residential Sewage Cleanup in Apopka, FL

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Septic Tanks

Certain houses that are located off the grid aren’t connected to sewage pipes and lines. However, without proper access to sewage lines and drainage pipes, what happens to the waste and sewage produced in the house? Many houses in Apopka, FL use a septic system. The septic system is a relatively small-scale solution that’s used for treating waste in-house. A septic tank is placed in the ground outside the house. All wastewater is collected within the tank. After a while, the solids tend to settle on the bottom, while the greasy water rises upwards. Eventually, as the water level rises, it’s released onto the fields through another pipe.

Why Do You Need Residential Cleanup?

If you are using a septic system in house, you will need residential sewage cleanup in Apopka, FL after every few months. The septic tank continues to fill up. After a while, you will need a professional to come and clean out the septic tank for you. When you call in a treatment company for sewage cleanup, they will first begin by cleaning and checking the grease trap for any repairs. They will then inspect the septic tank for any leakages or issues that might cause long-term problems. A thorough septic service also includes the transfer and disposal of the lift station, along with the installation and compliance of new components within the septic system.

Common Problems

There are plenty of common problems that might arise in a septic system. Periodic maintenance is needed in a septic tank system, as the tank continues to fill up with solids. If you don’t call a sewage cleanup crew for the job, the drain pipes might get blocked. This can cause a series of other issues in the house, such as leakages and pipe bursts.

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