Reviewing Procedure For Divorce Cases With A Domestic Violence Lawyer In Northfield, NJ

In New Jersey, domestic violence is a heinous crime committed by household members. These criminal infractions are often connected to divorce cases. Petitioners who are the victims of domestic violence can seek protection under criminal and civil laws. A Domestic Violence Lawyer Northfield NJ helps these victims regain their freedom.

Reporting the Attack to the Authorities

The first action required for these victims is to report their abuse. A criminal case connected to domestic violence can help the victim escape their attacker. Law enforcement officers will arrest the attacker and take them into custody after charges are filed. A victim of domestic violence can be relocated to a safe house pending the results of the civil and criminal case.

Acquiring a Protection Order

A domestic violence lawyer in Northfield NJ helps victims acquire a protection order. These court orders prohibit their spouse from contacting them or visiting locations in which the live, work, or visit. The orders may also prohibit hazardous activities that could aggravate these situations. The court may also order supervised visitation with the petitioner’s child. This prevents their spouse from harming their children.

Protecting Minor Children

Divorce cases address child custody and support. Any child that is at risk is protected under state laws. A parent that poses a serious risk to their children will not acquire custody. In these cases, the petitioner may acquire custody and acquire provisions to protect their child.

Is an Extension of the Protection Order Necessary?

Petitioners and their child have acquire an extension of the protection order. This extensions is based on severe risks that could lead to serious injuries or death. The state can provide these provisions and relocate these families if necessary. If the attacker is a serious risk, the court may also terminate their parental rights upon request of the petitioner.

In New Jersey, domestic violence cases are often linked to divorce cases. These circumstances present dangerous circumstances for spouses and their children. Under New Jersey law, the victim may acquire a protection order to acquire security from their attacker. Petitioners who need help with a divorce and domestic violence case should hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer Northfield NJ by contacting Michael T. Wolf Esq immediately.

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