Reviewing Steps with a Truck Accidents Lawyer in Queens County, NY

Reviewing Steps with a Truck Accidents Lawyer in Queens County, NY

In New York, commercial trucking accidents are often caused by a failure to follow federal laws. Exhausted driving is a common issue that leads to accidents. Failure to stop at weigh stations is another reason that accidents happen. A truck accidents lawyer in Queens County, NY represents victims of these accidents.

Violations of Federal Motor Carrier Association Regulations

All commercial truck drivers are required to follow all Federal Motor Carrier Association regulations. The laws require all drivers to take a resting period of at least eight hours after their driving shift. The regulation applies to drivers who operate their vehicle for at least twelve hours. A log of all driving hours must be present inside the commercial vehicle for proper assessment.

Investigating the Scene of the Accident

The officers who investigate the scene of the accident create a preliminary report. However, accidents involving 18-wheelers require the highway patrol to conduct a more substantial investigation. The commercial vehicle is inspected and assessed to determine if it was the cause of the accident. The driver is interviewed and a drug or alcohol test is conducted.

Who Is Liable in the Accident?

The investigation defines what party is liable for the accident. The responsible party must provide an insurance claim for the victims who were injured in the accident. If insurance coverage isn’t available, the driver or the company that owns the commercial vehicle must provide compensation for all financial losses incurred by victims.

What Types of Damages Are Awarded?

Typically, the award includes economic damages that are the exact financial losses incurred by the victim. Non-economic damages such as tort-based requirements are offered to some victims if they suffer more serious injuries. Punitive damages are provided as a form of punishment. It is possible for a judge to provide punitive damages if the company owner didn’t mitigate risks properly.

In New York, commercial trucking accidents require more extensive investigations to define an at-fault driver. When the commercial driver is at fault, the company or individual who owns the vehicle is accountable for all losses incurred by victims in the accident. Victims who need help from a truck accidents lawyer in Queens County, NY can contact The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III or visit the website right now.

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