Reviewing The Formalities With A Truck Accident Attorney In Murfreesboro, TN

Reviewing The Formalities With A Truck Accident Attorney In Murfreesboro, TN

In Tennessee, commercial trucking accidents present a multitude of probabilities. The probabilities could relate to a violation of federal motor carrier administration regulations. They could also relate to product liabilities and faulty mechanical work. The following is a review of the formalities with a Truck Accident Attorney Murfreesboro TN.

Assessing the Scene of the Accident

The officers begin the investigation of the accident by assessing the scene. They gather details about all drivers involved in the accident to determine what party is at fault initially. The officers question the drivers and passengers to acquire a full account of the accident. All details gathered are added to the accident report.

Federal Motor Carrier Administration Regulations

The driver is subject to an assessment to determine if they followed all Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulations. All commercial drivers must follow legal driving schedules. The schedule requires them to rest after any 12 to 14-hour driving shifts for at least 8 hours. They must keep a log of all driving hours. Additionally, the driver must submit to a drug and alcohol assessment.

Inspecting the Commercial Truck

The commercial truck is impounded impending a full inspection. The weight of the cargo shouldn’t exceed legal weight limits. The driver was required to stop at all weighing stations along their route. This determines if the cargo weight is legal. Additionally, the truck is inspected for any mechanical issues and to determine if maintenance steps were followed appropriately.

Medical Records for the Victim

All victims involved in the accident need complete medical records for their injuries. When filing a claim against the trucking company, they must present detailed evidence that links their injuries to the accident. If multiple victims were involved, the attorney can file a class-action lawsuit.

In Tennessee, commercial trucking accidents require additional steps to identify the responsible driver. This includes an assessment of the driver as well as the vehicle involved. The officers conducting the investigation must determine if federal regulations were followed while the truck was operational. Victims of these accidents contact a Truck Accident Attorney Murfreesboro TN through Law Office of Gritton & Gritton PLLC or Browse Site for more details right now.

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