Selecting Caskets & Urns in Deltona FL

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Funeral Services

When someone passes away, the family is often the ones to need to decide between Caskets & Urns in Deltona FL. If the deceased had made an indication on what type of funeral they wanted after they died, they might have also told someone what their wishes were regarding cremation or burial. Most people will bury their loved one unless money is an issue or if the deceased asked to be cremated.

When selecting a casket, there are several types of woods available to choose from. The final selection is more of a personal choice in what the family believes the deceased would have selected on their own. There are very simple wood caskets or intricate patterns and scrolling that can be carved into the wood to be enjoyed by those viewing it at the funeral. The name of the person can even be engraved on the casket if desired. The color of the cushioning inside the casket would also need to be selected. This is especially important if the casket will be open for a viewing. The color can be matched to the deceased person’s clothing, so it looks presentable as people pass by to pay their final respects.

When selecting an urn, there are several different styles available. A traditional urn would be in a solid metal or pewter, and it would rest comfortably on a fireplace mantel or in a cabinet. Wooden urns are also a popular choice. These can be constructed into almost any shape and can be painted with decorative colors if desired. Wood can be etched or carved, giving it a personalized look that will be noticed on a shelf or display case. Smaller urns could be made for others in the family if several people would like a bit of the ashes to keep as a memory.

Someone needing further information about selecting Caskets & Urns in Deltona FL can give a phone call to a funeral home in the area. A service like Baldauff Family Funeral Home & Crematory would be available to answer any questions. They will take their time in showing samples so the perfect enclosure can be selected.

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