Services Offered By a Dentist Office Vista CA Patients Recommend

Services Offered By a Dentist Office Vista CA Patients Recommend

Ongoing dental care and treatment are important to maintain a healthy mouth and attractive teeth. A good-looking smile can boost your confidence and help improve your overall well-being. Discover more about the services offered by a Dentist Office Vista CA patients recommend.

Dental Exams and Cleanings
Scheduling regular dental exams helps you find out about minor issues before they become major problems. During the exam, the dentist checks your teeth and gums. Also, x-rays are taken to see if there is any tooth decay or other irregularities. If you have a cavity, it should be filled before further tooth decay occurs that can lead to a root canal or extraction. Regular cleanings help prevent tooth decay and cavities. It is also important to brush, rinse, and floss daily to maintain your teeth and gums between professional cleaning appointments.

Root Canal and Dental Implants
Tooth decay can lead to infections that can be painful and even lead to the loss of a tooth. The dentist can perform a root canal to get rid of the infection. This is the best way to help save your tooth. In certain situations, it might not be possible to save the tooth with a crown or bridge. If the tooth structure has been compromised, the bone structure might have been compromised, too. Dental implants can be done to replace the tooth, build your bone structure, and give you the gorgeous smile you want. Plus, dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth. They can also be taken care of much like your regular teeth.

Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth
In some situations, one or more teeth need to be extracted. Sedation dentistry and modern equipment make this procedure painless. Dentures can be used to replace the teeth that are missing. Partial or full dentures are available, based on how many teeth need to be replaced. Instead of having gaps in your smile, you can open your mouth with confidence. Plus, replacement teeth make it easier to eat your favorite foods.

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