Diesel Filter Cleaning Services in Garden Grove, CA

Diesel engines have a regeneration cycle that cleans the emissions before releasing air into the exhaust. The system has a filter that collects soot, dust, and other particles from the fuel to maintain a clean engine and ensure maximum fuel efficiency. All types of vehicles including buses, tractor-trailer trucks, trains, ocean liners, and barges, require Filter Cleaning Services in Garden Grove CA to remain in compliance with State and Federal regulations. The cleaning schedule and frequency varies and is indicated in manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance and care of the engine. A simple vacuuming system can be used to clean filters, but the process has to be completed professionally. The filter is removed from the vehicle and placed in a system to be vacuumed.

An advanced and customized system is used by one company to get filters cleaner than traditional vacuuming systems. The manual vacuuming system has been designed creating a low-pressure zone beneath the filter itself for more power. It gets filters cleaner and increases the intervals between servicing. That allows vehicles to be operating longer and more efficiently, so downtime is decreased and money is saved. The technology is mobile and takes approximately one hour per vehicle. A company that operates a fleet of buses, trains, or trucks can have more vehicles on the road or rails and increase services, customer satisfaction, and profits.

Regular cleaning is crucial because clogged filters result in less power, reduced fuel economy, and complete shut down of the engine in some cases. A new filter can cost between three and ten thousand dollars, so keeping current ones cleaned and prolonging the life of a filter makes great business sense. Standard, undersized, and over-sized diesel engine filters can be accommodated by the mobile system. Other benefits of a cleaner filter include lower maintenance costs, lower emissions, and a lower carbon footprint. The engine goes into regeneration cycle less frequently, which increases fuel efficiency and shortens downtime. Business owners can contact the company at website for Filter Cleaning Services in Garden Grove CA as well as to learn about the method and get details about cleaning and baking services at tow different levels.

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