Getting Workers Compensation Benefits in Ogden, UT After a CTS Diagnosis

Those who are afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) often experience tingling, numbness, and pain in the forearm, wrist, and hand. A sufferer can also experience clumsiness when handling objects due to diminished grip strength. In this article, readers can learn more about this condition, and they can also learn how a worker’s compensation attorney with Davis and Sanchez PLLC can help those who are injured on the job.

Causes of CTS

Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when a worker’s wrists and hands are under repetitive stress on an ongoing basis. While CTS risk is not industry-specific, it is prevalent in those who work in various occupations, such as:

• Food packers

• Industrial tailors

• Manufacturers

• Typists

• Cleaners

Other workers can suffer from repetitive stress injuries as well. A worker’s compensation attorney has more information on industries with high rates of CTS and other injuries.

Can an Injured Employee get Worker’s Compensation for CTS Sustained on the Job?

In most cases, they can get Workers Compensation Benefits in Ogden UT. The Department of Labor recognizes CTS as a primary occupational hazard, but workers must follow certain rules as with other work-related injuries. The employee must:

• Promptly report the injury to the employer. Some jurisdictions require notification within two to 30 days after an injury. If a CTS injury manifests itself over time, the employee must report it as soon as they realize it is related to the job.

• Get prompt medical treatment and follow the instructions provided by the doctor.

• File a claim with the employer’s insurer. The company must furnish the employee with the proper claim forms.

• Retain copies of documents at all stages of the process.

Does an Injured Worker Need an Attorney to Receive Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

If a person has CTS that is related to his or her job, they must first file the necessary insurance forms provided by the employer. If an additional dispute arises, the worker should consult a local employment attorney. By consulting a worker’s compensation lawyer, a client can learn about their legal rights and preserve their Workers Compensation Benefits in Ogden UT.

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