Counseling Can Repair Your Relationship

In this day and age of quick and easy divorces, there are still those people who truly want to try and save their relationships, and it can be done.  When a couple runs into problems or issues, counseling can help and can even save their relationship.  If you are seeking relationship counseling in Delray, there are plenty of good therapists to meet your needs.

Communication is Key
When the two of you are no longer able to speak to each other effectively it can be almost impossible to backtrack and turn it all around again.  Counseling can help to reteach the two of you how to resolve conflict without hurting each other with your words.  It can get you back on track with your conversations and the way you communicate.

Roommates Instead of Partners
If the two of you are living in the same house, but as roommates more than an intimate married couple, it could be time to consider counseling.  It does not mean that because a couple has outside interests of their own that they are in trouble, but if they no longer feel that intimate bond that brought them together in the first place, they could use some help.

“How Do We Fix This?”
When you are arguing over and over about the same issues and never come to any conclusions or find an answer, that becomes a vicious counterproductive circle.  That is when you can find yourselves in a counselor’s office telling him or her, “We know what is wrong, but do not know how to fix it.”  Feeling stuck in that circle can feel hopeless, but you can overcome it with counseling sessions.

When you are ready to take that First Step
Taking that first step can feel like stepping off a very high cliff, but the results can be amazing.  You could end up with the healthy, honest, open loving relationship that you have always wanted.  Jeffery Perlman, PhD LCSW has been in business for over 20 years and has offices located in Delray Beach.

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