Shopping For Luxury Eyeglasses In Manhattan

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Eyeglasses

Eye-wear has become a fashion accessory. In fact, some people will pay any price for luxury eye-wear. Well-known designer Sheila Vance is behind Sama frames. Sama frames are recognized for a special blend of style and technology. The designer uses some of the best materials including pure titanium and Japanese acetate. Amazingly, the glasses are made and put together by hand in Japan. Sama frames have been featured in several movies including Iron Man 2 and Mission Impossible: III.

If you are shopping for luxury Eyeglasses in Manhattan, visit Browse the website and learn more about various brands. Maurice Leonard is the mastermind behind the frames from Gold & Wood. These frames are made from natural, sustainable products, including the horn. Frames made from animal horn are very desirable right now. They are popular in the U.S. and around the world. The horn used in the frames is taken from animals that are slaughtered for food. Likewise, the wood comes from countries that practice reforestation when trees are cut down. Finally, only low-toxicity products are used in manufacturing. Frames made from horn are popular for their appearance and durability. Indeed, horn does not rub off like other materials. Further, the frames retain their shape and do not need adjusting like other glasses. One can also buy Horn Eyeglasses in Manhattan. Horn frames are made in Germany from entirely organic materials. The horn comes from buffalo and sheep in Tibet.

Masunaga’s frames are heralded for the workmanship. In fact, they are made in Fukui, Japan. Fukui is among the top locations for eye-wear production in the world. Gozaemon Masunaga started the eye-wear business in Fukui using a guild-like system. He wanted the people who made glasses to be the best craftsmen. The industry grew, and that is how it spread in the region. The frames are known for detail and quality. Imagine, the company makes its own molds for frames. And, the company’s factories handle all the processes to make the final product. Luxury frames are a combination of art and eye-wear. Try these companies if you are looking for stylish, unique eyeglasses.

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