Shopping in Tucson: The Grocery Staple Every Home Needs

When you are Shopping in Tucson, one item which might not be on your list, but should be, are pecans. Pecans come from a type of hickory tree which is native to certain parts of the United States. They are considered, botanically, to be fruits rather than nuts. Like many other types of fruits they offer a lot of health benefits and make a delicious ingredient in a number of recipes.

Pecans contain oleic acid which helps to raise good cholesterol numbers while keeping the bad cholesterol low. This is just one of the monounsaturated fats they contain that makes them a sensible choice to include in many healthy meal plans, including the Mediterranean diet.

Pecans also contain manganese, potassium and calcium, all necessary for keeping blood pressure regulated properly. They are high in iron, magnesium and zinc as well. Pecans are heart-healthy and are full of antioxidants which can help to keep skin soft and supple. As little as a handful a day can provide all of the health benefits they have to offer.

Pecans are wonderful to enjoy on their own, but they are equally tasty when they are included in many dishes. Pecan pie is probably the best known recipe in which they are used, but they are also good when included in fudge, cookies and muffins. Pecans are a common addition to brittle and are a good savory ingredient as a topping when chopped and applied over cheese logs.

Pecans also are popular spread when made into a nut-butter. It is perfect for spreading on breads, biscuits and crackers. The website, a local pecan orchard located just outside of Tucson, also offers their home grown pecans covered in chocolate, in their unique barbecue and hot sauces and ground up in tea and coffee blends.

When you are out Shopping in Tucson, remember to include pecans on your list. They make a great gift item, a healthy snack and a versatile staple to keep in the pantry. Also remember that buying locally will ensure you get the freshest and tastiest product possible. Check out the orchard in the Santa Cruz River Valley to learn more about the benefits of pecans.

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