Should You Choose Custom Machining Services?

by | May 22, 2019 | Machining Services

Many businesses today outsource work to modern machine shops. There is no need to run your own shop when you can hire shops with all the latest machining technology. They can make parts faster and with greater efficiency than smaller shops. In fact, you may want to think about using custom machining services for your business, and here are a few reasons why.

What is Customized Machining?

If you need parts for your equipment, you may order them online. They are already manufactured and can be shipped to you quickly. However, with “off the shelf” parts or materials you are limited with selections. What happens if you need something which is not a stock item or you have new products which need special parts? You can contact your custom machining services for assistance.


Do you use machinery in your business which is no longer supported by the manufacturer? For example, you run a manufacturing facility with older machinery, and it functions well and is still very efficient. However, what happens when one of the machines breaks down? You may not be able to order parts from the manufacturer.

Instead of scrapping your older equipment, you can go to custom machining services with the old parts. Your shop machinist can reverse engineer most parts for equipment. In fact, he can make several parts so you can keep them in stock.


An efficient large shop can make parts faster and more efficiently than most companies, and this includes custom parts. It makes little sense to try and manufacture or machine custom parts when your custom shop can do it cheaper.

Thanks to modern methods, custom machining services can create parts with high tolerances. When you need precision machining, a shop offering customized service is the best source to turn to.

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