The Importance of Roof Gutter Installation in Edmonds, WA for Preventing a Range of Problems

by | May 22, 2019 | Gutters

When looking to buy a house for the first time, the shoppers may run across some that have no rain gutters around the roof. They may wonder if that feature is actually necessary, having seen other homes without gutters. Gutter Installation in Edmonds Wa has important advantages as gutters drain rainwater to preferred places on the property and prevent damage to the house.

Erosion and Damage to Landscaping

Gutter Installation in Edmonds Wa prevents soil erosion around the house caused by rain pouring over the roof’s edges. This is not much of a concern in areas where grass has been planted, but homes often have flower gardens and other landscaping near the building with soil or mulch and not grass. In fact, heavy rainfall flowing over the roof can decimate delicate flowers and ruin other types of landscaping. Decorative rocks can be kicked out of place and onto the yard.

Pressure on Basement Walls

Especially in shady areas close the house, rain can saturate the ground, which is now very heavy as it presses against basement walls. Basement walls can even start to bow inward due to the pressure. With a drainage system, downspouts are placed away from this places in the yard. Ideally, there should be a downspout at least every 20 ft. and at all corners.

Adequate Downspout Numbers

Without enough piping for the system, water will still run over the sides of the gutters. That can be even worse than having it run over the edges of the roof because it accumulates in the trough and cascades like a waterfall.


Downspouts extensions are designed to move the rainwater farther away from the building. Water running directly onto the ground at the bottom of the spout may not be much better than having it stream directly off the roof. Soil erosion as well as damage to the foundation could occur.

Usually, only residents of dry climates can get away without a roof drainage system. In this part of the country, where rainy days are frequent, it’s best to have a professionally designed system of gutters, downspouts, and extensions installed by a contractor such as High Point Gutter.

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