Signs a Pet is in Need of the Services of an Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Oregon

Many pet owners are unaware of the signs that their beloved furry friend needs emergency medical care. Just like humans, from time to time a pet may experience serious problems that will indicate they need immediate medical care. Being aware that it is time for these services is essential. Some of the most common reasons a pet will need the services of an emergency Veterinary Clinic in Oregon is found here.

Issues Breathing

One of the most obvious signs a pet needs care from an emergency Veterinary Clinic in Oregon is if they are having a hard time breathing. If an animal goes for a period of three minutes without breathing, they will not be able to be helped, which means if a pet owner notices them struggling, or breathing ‘funny’ immediate care should be sought.

Restlessness, Abdominal Distention, Unable to Vomit, Panting or Unable to Comfortably Lie Down

These are all signs of gastric dilatation with volvulus, which is also known as ‘bloat.’ This is one of the most serious and life-threatening situations that dogs can encounter. There are some dogs who will exhibit each of these symptoms while others may only act restless and pant. Due to its urgency, if any of these signs is observed, getting to a vet quickly is essential.


While a single seizure is not usually life threatening, they may come in clusters, which can get progressive. In some cases, if the seizure is the result of a toxin, it can be fatal, which is why immediate medical care for the animal is necessary.

Weakness or Collapsing

These are symptoms that may indicate an issue such as internal bleeding, cardiac issues because of pericardial effusion, certain types of poisonings, anaphylactic shock, organ failure or Adison’s disease, which is a glandular condition.

There is no way to plan when an emergency situation with a pet is going to come up. Knowing who to call and where to go when this happens is essential to help keep a pet healthy and happy. Take the time to find a vet service in the area, such as WestVet Oregon, or click here to learn more.

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