Signs It’s Time to Visit Your Local Dentist

Signs It’s Time to Visit Your Local Dentist

Visiting a dental clinic in Burlington regularly is important for the prevention of many dental issues. However, some people find themselves skipping appointments or avoiding the dentist due to lack of insurance, fear of the dentist, or a busy schedule. It’s best to start regular appointments as soon as possible to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, if you notice any of the below signs, it’s time to see a dentist, now.

Tooth Pain

Some tooth pain is relatively mild, while other tooth pain can be nearly unbearable. It is deciding when the pain is enough to see a dentist can be a challenge. If the pain is constant, that is a sign that you should visit a dental clinic in Burlington as soon as you can. This can be the result of inflammation, which will often not resolve on its own. It’s best to see a dentist before the pain gets even worse.

Dry Mouth

If you are feeling a constant sense of dry mouth, this is another time when visiting the dentist is a must. A dry mouth is much more susceptible to tooth decay and infection. Your saliva is responsible for helping to digest food, neutralizing acids, and helping your sense of taste. Having too little saliva can cause issues with all of these things. A professional dentist can determine what the cause of the dry mouth is and offer you solutions.

Gum Irritation

If you notice blood when you brush your teeth, you either are brushing with too much force, or you have something going on with your gums. Periodontitis, or gum disease, is common in those over 30 in the United States and should be dealt with as soon as possible. While bleeding on occasion isn’t a big deal, constant bleeding points toward something more serious.

Bad Breath

Eating a dish filled with garlic and onion might mean that bad breath is no big deal, but persisting bad breath can be the sign of a problem. This is especially worrisome if the bad breath is still there after flossing and brushing. It could be the sign of a cavity, gum disease, or other oral condition.

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, Fielding Dental Healthcare is here to provide support and assistance. You can learn about the services we provide and make an appointment by visiting

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