Saving Money On Dental Equipment Parts

Saving Money On Dental Equipment Parts

Companies providing repair services to dental offices for their equipment, or even larger dental facility maintenance professionals typically find that ordering specialized dental equipment parts is both frustrating and well as expensive.

Many companies only offer specific types of parts, which means multiple orders have to be placed to get all the parts and components needed. There is also the issue of buying online from unknown sellers and never knowing until the part arrives if it is the correct part for the equipment.
To address these issues, and to help to ensure the fastest turnaround time on orders for dental equipment parts, there are some easy strategies to keep in mind.

Shop With One Supplier

Typically, manufacturers and large dental equipment suppliers do not handle a significant inventory of replacement parts such as vacuum canisters and parts, dental valves, foot controls, quick disconnects, holders, fittings and regulators.

If you just need a part and not the entire system or component, going to a specialized company that manufacturers all of these components means one order, one invoice, and an easier way to manage your records and maintain your parts inventory.

On-Hand Inventory

When waiting for parts to arrive, the dental office is without equipment in one or more patient rooms. To help reduce downtime, verify with the company they have the dental equipment parts on hand and are able to ship.

In some cases, if the parts have to be custom made to fit a unique piece of equipment or one that is older or modified from the original configuration, checking the turnaround time to design and manufacture the valves or parts will be critical.

Companies that are located in the United States and manufacture their custom orders in the USA have the benefit of faster turnaround time and faster delivery, both factors to consider when making a choice of supplier.

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