The Dental Implant Lab: Helping Replace Teeth

The Dental Implant Lab: Helping Replace Teeth

For those who live in Ontario, visiting a dentist is an annual event if they want to ensure their teeth remain healthy. However, losing teeth does happen. Trauma, genetics, and disease take their toll. However, dentists can provide replacement teeth. With the help of a dental implant lab, they can offer implants to close the gap.

Dental Implants

The procedure of replacing lost or removed teeth with dental implants comprises the following three-part procedure:

  1. Post: In appearance like a screw, it performs the role of the dental root.
  2. Abutment: This is the host connecting the parts. It also is host to the crown
  3. Crown or Restoration: The crown is the covering – the part that acts as a replacement for the tooth

The process is a complex one, taking several weeks to complete. The procedure requires the expertise of a dentist, but the actual creation of the implants needs the help and work of a dental implant lab.

The Role of the Dental Lab

A dental lab plays a significant role in ensuring your implants are suitable. They are responsible for fabricating a variety of components the dentist needs to ensure the procedure is a success. Dental implant labs in Ontario, for example, produce the following by the specifications of a dentist:

  • Custom-made implant healing abutments
  • Guided surgery stents
  • Implant-retained dentures

The process is one of both designing the right parts and reproducing them in exacting precision. Moreover, a reputable and skilled dental lab produces components that are completely compatible with some of the latest implant systems.

Dental Implant Lab

Ontario Dentists require precision, reliability and the satisfaction of their patients when it comes to all aspects of dentistry. By working with a quality dental implant lab, such as Solaris Dental Solutions, Canada, dentists can rest assured these goals are met. They can relax knowing the implants they use are the best ones on the market.

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