Where Should You Buy Your Dental Saliva Ejector?

Where Should You Buy Your Dental Saliva Ejector?

If you are in the dental business, you have special needs for equipment. For example, your plumbing system may include dental sinks, flushing valves, and saliva ejector valves. When you need specialized equipment, you can turn to a number of distributors or suppliers, but some can give you better products and services than others. Here are some tips for choosing the right supplier.

Work Environment

Not all saliva ejectors and equipment are made for heavy use. For instance, if you operate a clinic which sees many people each day, your equipment may get a great deal of use. You should look for a supplier with equipment and tools made for heavy-duty applications. If not, you may have to replace your valves and other components often.

Special Needs

Does your equipment not fit into the “standard” category? There may be no selections in a typical supplier catalog. If so, you may need to find a supplier offering custom parts and valves. You can order a custom designed and manufactured saliva ejector to fit any equipment or applications.

Manufacturer Vs. Supplier

Some companies offer saliva ejector valves and other equipment, but they are only distributors. They buy their materials from manufacturers and other sources and then sell to you. When you do business with a “middleman” company, the price is higher than dealing with a manufacturer. By going straight to the source, you save money on parts and equipment.


How many years has your supplier been in business? This is an important consideration. The best suppliers are manufacturers with decades of experience in the dental component industry. You can depend on them for parts when you need them, and experienced companies understand the importance of excellent customer service. They are there to serve your needs and offer professional advice.

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