Why DWI Classes Are So Important

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Health

Drivers caught driving under the influence face a lot of different consequences. For one, they can be subject to fines and jail time. Those convicted of a DWI may also have their license suspended or revoked. In some cases, they may even have to attend a substance abuse class. These mandatory alcohol education classes aim to help prevent drunk driving. See why attending one of these classes is an important step in your life.

About Alcohol Abuse Classes

Drunk driving education classes are used by the court to take the place of a more serious punishment. In many states, once a person finishes this course it may be possible to restore driving privileges. Other jurisdictions may issue a conditional or restricted license. Those who fail to complete the course per the court’s orders usually end up with a longer license suspension or a revocation.

During the course, participants learn about the dangers of alcohol. The class is particularly focused on consuming alcohol and driving. Most DWI programs in Minneapolis hold an open discussion about the harmful consequences of drunk driving. There may also be discussions about the symptoms of an alcohol problem, and possible treatment information.

The duration of the class will vary by jurisdiction. Some courts will require 36 total hours. Others may order a convicted person to attend for up to 30 months. The time may also vary depending on the number of convictions you already have on your record. The intensity of these classes may also be divided up into different levels. These levels may have increasing amounts of therapy depending on the circumstances.

Who Can Go to DWI Education Classes?

Usually the judge will decide which offenders can take a class in lieu of other penalties. Yet, in some states, this education is mandated by law. In general, the court will consider the facts of your case, whether you caused an injury and the amount of alcohol that was in your system. However, the process may vary. When you finish DWI programs in Minneapolis, you may have to provide proof to the local DMV. This may allow you to reinstate your license in some cases.

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