Signs of Trouble With Car and Truck Axles in North Dakota

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Vehicles

A vehicle’s axle serves an important purpose: it transfers power from the engine and torque from the transmission to the car’s tires. There are a wide variety of different reasons that Axles in North Dakota can fail, including acute damage from serious bumps, overloading a vehicle with weight, or driving with a bad carrier bearing. Read on to find out about a few common symptoms that a vehicle requires axle repair or replacement to see if it’s time to get this component checked out by a professional.

Strange Vibrations

Vibrations can be caused by a wide array of underlying issues. Those who believe that their car’s vibration may be due to axle damage should drive their vehicles slowly down a street to see if there are any changes in these vibrations during acceleration or turning. If this vibration is present even at slow speeds, it is most likely due to axle damage.

Clunking Sounds

If vehicles are producing a sudden clunking noise when they are put in gear, the axle might be to blame. This sound is occurring because the car is having difficulty getting power to the wheels to make them move. Keep in mind, though, that this symptom can’t always be attributed to bad axles, it may also be related to the car’s gear shifter.

Car Won’t Move

Vehicles that are suffering from severe axle damage will start fine and go into gear but won’t be able to move. This may be caused by a snapped axle at the universal joint. If the axle is to blame, the car’s engine will still rev if it is supplied with gas, but the vehicle’s tires will fail to move.

Get Help Immediately

If a collision or a pothole has caused axle damage, it’s essential that drivers have this problem addressed immediately in order to avoid potentially dangerous driving conditions. Having new Axles in North Dakota installed on these vehicles often solves the problem completely and is surprisingly inexpensive compared to many other forms of vehicle repair. Visit for more information about axles today to get started understanding what the repair process will entail.

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